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Learning Assessments

Why do I need an assessment?

Assessment of EducationOur assessment process is highly recommended by Step Ahead tutors, parents and clients. The initial, no-obligation assessment is designed to allow our Director George Hawkins to identify a new client's strengths, weaknesses and specific requirements through in-depth discussion.

George will also listen to parents' specific aims or concerns, and take care to understand the student's personality. This is an essential step to identifying the most suitable tutor.

The purpose of the assessment? To ensure a tailored, effective study plan is implemented from the outset - saving you time and money in the long term - carried out by the most suitable tutor for your child.

Planning an assessment

Assessments usually take place at our Director's home - in his study from where he tutors on a daily basis. However, alternative locations, in different parts of East and Central Scotland, can be agreed, as can via Skype or FaceTime.

Daytime assessments are highly recommended to ensure the client is at their freshest. Assessments can also take place at weekends and during holidays and in-service days.

Assessments normally take a minimum of one and a half hours, allowing for meeting with the pupil and parent(s), an in-depth academic session with the student, and a summary discussion.

Our assessment process has been developed and refined over a number of years and has become a USP - a unique selling point - for Step Ahead.

Many parents have commented - both orally and in written form - on the benefits they, as well as their youngsters - have gained from our very individual approach.   We feel that it is worth recording here, particularly for those wondering about the value of our assessments, the strength of feelings of those who have started out in this way on their Step Ahead Journey :

"In relation to the assessment, I cannot thank you enough";    "We both found the assessment so very beneficial";   "(15 year old) John was very enthused: I have never seen him motivated like that";    "You gained her (my daughter's) trust immediately which enabled her to discuss some of the issues (of which I was not aware)";   "He completed his Study Planner when he went home";  "You offered me support and guidance which I believe would benefit any parent as well as assisting their children."

At certain levels, eg Higher and Advanced Higher, the Director selects a specialist tutor, based on information provided by the client, who "team-tags" and shares the assessment with the Director.  The tutor concentrates on the subject matter, while the Director focuses on the 'wider picture', including the interests, study planning and personality of the client.

Contact our Director to discuss arrangements and a convenient time for you or your child's assessment.

After the assessment

Step Ahead aims to follow up assessments by making available the most appropriate tutor within 24 hours. If the client decides to proceed with tuition, the first session should ideally take place within one week of the initial assessment.

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