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Biology Tuition

Step Ahead biology tutors provide individualised teaching tailored to the client's specific needs. Put simply this means one tutor working with one client on a one to one basis – working at their speed and in a subject like biology.

As is explained in detail on our web-site under “The Step Ahead Journey” - “Assessments,” it is our intention to ensure a tailored, effective biology study plan is implemented from the outset - saving you time and money in the long term - carried out by the most suitable biology tutor for your child.

Step Ahead aims to follow up assessments by making available the most appropriate biology tutor within 24 hours.

This ensures that students can achieve outstanding results – as evidenced by testimonials, emails and messages from hundreds of delighted clients!

At Step Ahead, we are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in our students. We find that through focused, caring and highly skilled teaching we are able to unlock the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that is in every student.

Each individual tutee works at an appropriate level based on her/his current attainment.

Many tutees will be gearing up for biology examinations at national levels (eg National 4 or 5, or Higher Grades – as below).


National Grade Biology

The National Grade qualification in biology gives learners a grounding in the study of living organisms, their interactions and their relationships with the environment. They will gain an understanding of basic biological facts, ideas and techniques and insight into how these are applied in society.

Learners will study how organisms function and how they and we relate to the world around us. They will gain skills in handling and understanding information so they can draw conclusions and making predictions. Our biology tutors will also help learners to be able to apply biological principles in practical situations.

The National Grade Biology Course is available at two levels:
National 4 or 5

Below are listed a number of examples of topics at National and Higher Levels :

National Grade Topics

The biosphere
Investigating an ecosystem, How it works, Control and management

The world of plants
Introducing plants, Growing plants, Making food

Animal survival
The need for food, Reproduction and responding to the environment, Water and waste

Investigating cells
Cells and diffusion, Cell division, enzymes and aerobic respiration

The body in action
Movement the need for energy, Coordination, Changing levels of performance

What is inheritance?, Variation Genetics and society

Living factories, Problems and profit with waste, Reprogramming microbes


Higher Biology Topics

Cell biology
Photosynthesis, Respiration, RNA and protein synthesis

Genetics and adaptation
Meiosis, Genetic crosses, Mutations, Natural selection and speciation, Transpiration

Control and regulation

Genetic control, Negative feedback and osmoregulation

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