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Chemistry Tuition

Step Ahead tutors provide individualised teaching tailored to the client's specific needs. Put simply this means one chemistry tutor working with one client on a one to one basis – working at their speed and in a subject like chemistry.

As is explained in detail on our web-site under “The Step Ahead Journey” - “Assessments,” it is our intention to ensure a tailored, effective chemistry study plan is implemented from the outset - saving you time and money in the long term - carried out by the most suitable chemistry tutor for your child.

Step Ahead aims to follow up assessments by making available the most appropriate chemistry tutor within 24 hours.

This ensures that students can achieve outstanding results – as evidenced by testimonials, emails and messages from hundreds of delighted clients!

At Step Ahead, we are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in our students. We find that through focused, caring and highly skilled teaching we are able to unlock the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that is in every student.

Each individual tutee works at an appropriate level based on her/his current attainment.

Many tutees will be gearing up for chemistry examinations at national levels (eg National 4 or 5, or Higher Grades – as below).


National Grade Chemistry

A 2 year course attempted by pupils in S3 and S4. Practical aspects of the course are assessed internally while knowledge and understanding as well as problem solving are assessed externally by means of a national external examination overseen by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Chemistry is the study of the materials that make up everyday life. All materials - including plastics, fuel and metals - are made of chemicals, and understanding these unlocks the doors to our physical and natural world. Chemistry provides learners with knowledge of how substances are made up and how chemical reactions can change things.

Intermediate 1 Chemistry

Our chemistry tutors provides learners with the opportunity to see the physical and natural environments through the eyes of chemistry. It develops knowledge of chemical facts, theories and symbols, while giving learners skills in solving chemical problems, and performing chemical techniques and investigations. Through practical work, learners will develop the ability to record measurements and observations, analyse experimental information, draw conclusions, and evaluate procedures with supporting argument. The course encourages learners to be open-minded and recognise alternative points of view. They will learn that they can take decisions which affect people and their environment.

Intermediate 2 Chemistry

Our chemistry tutors help to develop knowledge and understanding of the physical and natural environments at the atomic level, and continues the development of the problem-solving and practical skills associated with scientific enquiry. It develops skills in planning, designing and evaluating experimental procedures, and helps learners to draw conclusions and give explanations, and to make generalisations and predictions. In addition, the course raises awareness of the links between the subject and the world of work in general and the chemical industry in particular.

Higher Chemistry

Extends learners’ knowledge and understanding of the physical and natural environments, through a wide range of studies including chemical reaction rates, enthalpy and patterns in the Periodic Table. The course develops greater knowledge of bonding, structure and properties, and of the mole, and enables learners to acquire enhanced understanding of carbon compound reactions, nomenclature and structural formulae, and of polymers and natural products. They will also study Hess’s Law, equilibrium, acids and bases, redox reactions, and nuclear chemistry.

Advanced Higher Chemistry

Develops sophisticated skills of independent study and thought. Learners are given the opportunity of in-depth study of electronic structure, chemical bonding, thermochemistry and kinetics. Further topics for study include organic chemistry, structural analysis, and medicines. Learners will be able to demonstrate proficiency in scientific writing, revealing the significance of findings by analysing and interpreting results in a critical and scientific manner.

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