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English Tuition

  • At Step Ahead, we see the power of one-to-one in English tuition whereby we encourage children and adults and help to increase their confidence.
  • We help children and adults feel motivated to learn and develop a passion for study.  
  • We see children and adults discover a genuine love of learning, possibly for the first time in their lives.
  • Step Ahead English tutors provide individualised teaching tailored to the client's specific needs. Put simply this means one tutor working with one client on a one to one basis – working at their speed and in a subject like English..

As is explained in detail on our web-site under “The Step Ahead Journey” - “Assessments,” it is our intention to ensure a tailored, effective English study plan is implemented from the outset - saving you time and money in the long term - carried out by the most suitable English tutor for your child.

Step Ahead aims to follow up assessments by making available the most appropriate biology tutor within 24 hours.

This ensures that students can achieve outstanding results – as evidenced by testimonials, emails and messages from hundreds of delighted clients!

At Step Ahead, we are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in our students. We find that through focused, caring and highly skilled teaching we are able to unlock the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that is in every student.

Each individual tutee works at an appropriate level based on her/his current attainment.

Many tutees will be gearing up for examinations, whether for independent school entrance, or at national levels (eg National or Higher Grades), or for adult or student career advancement. 

How Does English Tuition improve your Opportunities ?

  Often pupils will be focusing on specific aspects of the curriculum, for example:

English tuition can teach, writing skills, hand-writing practices, spelling, grammar and punctuation : which remain important, despite a lack of attention in some schools. Sound repetition and re-inforcement within these areas is essential, as are presentation skills which should be of the very highest standard in order to inculcate the values which will hold good in teenage and adult years.

Whilst written work in comprehension and essay writing plays a significant part at various ages and stages, the importance and value of talking and listening - whether in private, within the family and/or in public - has ever increasing importance.  The ability to communicate in a number of ways (especially delivering a talk to ones peers) has become an essential, especially in both this digital age and multi-cultural society.

Study skills, with habit-forming and appropriate back-up work done at home, using suitably recommended resource books, are seen as essential, if true potential is to be realised.


Below are listed a number of examples of topics at Standard and Higher Levels :

National Grade Topics

Close reading exam  Advice, Overview of question types, Inference questions, Personal response questions

Close reading texts and techniques  Need to know, Appreciating the writer's craft, Obtaining particular information, Newspapers, Information leaflets, Autobiographies, Travel writing, Novels and short stories

Writing - general  Advice, Exam advice and types of writing task, Personal experience, Discursive writing, Informative writing

Writing - in a specific literary form   Overview, Descriptive writing, Letter, Newspaper report, Short story, Script

Example : Macbeth  Writing about Macbeth, Themes of good and evil, Timeline of events, Character of Macbeth, Character of Lady Macbeth, The witches, Who's to blame for the tragedy?, The relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Blank verse and rhyme, Dramatic irony and imagery

Higher Grade Topics

Close reading  What's the code?, Word choice, Imagery, Sentence structure and linking

Critical essay  Know your question, Plan your answer, Techniques


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