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Tuition Fees

What Are Your Fees?

Unlike some organisations, we do not ask you to pay money in advance OR ask you to book and pay for a prescribed series of tutoring sessions. You simply pay the fee for each session (which has been agreed by you with STEP AHEAD) to your tutor at the end of each session. However, you should pay the fee (£60) for the assessment direct to STEP AHEAD at the end of the assessment.  You need to allow for a minimum of one hour and 45 minutes, often two hours, for the assessment process.

Subsequent fees are discussed and agreed between the client and our Director when booking a tutor.  Since 1st August, 2008, our fees have remained constant. They tend to be dependent on individual requirements, specific learning needs and geographical location eg £34 per hour for secondary pupils upto (in Scotland) - National Grade;   £35 per hour for National Grade;   £36 per hour for Intermediate/Higher Grade;  £38 per hour for Advanced Higher; and similarly for tutees in England--SATs, GCSE, A Level.  We also cater for those at  college and university, and for adults and businesses.

The fee is for time actually spent with a client. The time spent by tutors preparing lessons and setting and correcting homework are part of our service and do NOT incur additional charges.

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