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Physics Tuition

Step Ahead tutors provide individualised teaching tailored to the client's specific needs. Put simply this means one physics tutor working with one client on a one to one basis – working at their speed and in a subject like physics.

As is explained in detail on our web-site under "The Step Ahead Journey" - "Assessments," it is our intention to ensure a tailored, effective physics study plan is implemented from the outset - saving you time and money in the long term - carried out by the most suitable tutor for your child.

Step Ahead aims to follow up assessments by making available the most appropriate physics tutor within 24 hours.

This ensures that students can achieve outstanding results – as evidenced by testimonials, emails and messages from hundreds of delighted clients!

At Step Ahead, we are committed to inspiring academic excellence, confidence and happiness in our students. We find that through focused, caring and highly skilled teaching we are able to unlock the unique talent, enthusiasm and potential that is in every student.

Each individual tutee works with their own physics tutor at an appropriate level based on her/his current attainment.  

Many tutees will be gearing up for physics examinations at national levels (eg National 4 or 5, or Higher Grades – as below).


Below are listed a number of examples of topics at National, Intermediate and Higher Levels :

National Grade Topics

Telecommunication Communication using waves, Communication using cables, Radio and television, Transmission of radio waves

Using electricity From the wall socket, Alternating and direct current, Resistance, Useful circuits, Behind the wall, Movement from electricity

Health physics The use of thermometers, Using sound, Light and sound, Using the spectrum, Nuclear radiation – humans and medicine

Electronics Overview, Output devices, Input devices, Digital processes, Analogue process

Transport On the move, Forces at work, Movement means energy

Energy matters Supply and demand, Generation of electricity, source to consumer, Heat in the home

Space physics Signals from space, Space travel


Intermediate 1 Topics

.Course Overview Int 1 is broken into six topics. Each topic contains practical and theoretical work. The six topics are: Telecommunications – deals with different forms of communication and looks at how radios and TV’s work. Movement – deals with the moving objects and the effects of forces. Practical Electricity – deals with simple electric circuits and domestic electricity. Sound and Music – deals with the physics of sound. Radiations – deals with light, X-rays, Ir and UV and their uses. Electronics – deals with how electronic circuits are used to control simple machines.


Intermediate 2 Topics

For each of the topics, there is a list of learning outcomes
Unit 1 – Mechanics and Heat
Unit 2 – Electricity and Electronics
Unit 3 – Waves and Optics
Unit 4 – Radiation and Radioactivity


Higher Grade Topics

Mechanics and properties of matter Vectors, Analysing motion, Forces, Density and Pressure, The Gas Laws Electricity and Electronics Energy and Voltage, Resistors in circuits, Capacitance, Analogue electronics Radiation Matter Waves, Refraction of light, Optoelectronics, Nuclear reactions Dosimetry and Safety Units Units Examination Skills Multiple choice, Numerical problems, Writing answers .

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